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Limoni di Sorrento | Fragrance Diffuser

Imagine, freshly picked lemons from a lemon tree in sunny Sorrento... ripe, juicy and citrusy!

With its strong citrus scent, this candle will invigorate and lift the mood of your room. It is both refreshing and cleansing.

The unique blends of lemon essential oils will linger in your home to create a subtle summary and energising atmosphere.  

The perfect addition to your office, kitchen, bathroom, laundry or bedroom without the need to light or burn them.  It is recommended to flip the reeds regularly to keep the scent fresh. 

Modern and minimalist in design, our luxury diffusers will compliment any space. 


  • Glass bottle 8cm wide x 10cm high
  • Five fibre reeds 25cm long that absorb the oil blend and disperse the scent gently into the air
  • Natural timber screw on lid
  • 200ml of essential oil blend
  • Scent life approximately 3 months
  • Handmade with love in Sydney

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Limoni di Sorrento | Fragrance Diffuser

Limoni di Sorrento | Fragrance Diffuser

The Italian Flame

Pickup currently unavailable

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