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Positano | Room Spray

Our Positano room spray blend is our interpretation of the coastal cliffside village in Italy's Amalfi Coast. This scent takes us back to beachfront walks along the cobblestones, browsing through the boutiques in the streets late on a summer night and aperitvo's in the piazza. 

Spritz into the air as often as desired to enliven the mind and satisfy the senses. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.


- Spray the fragrance throughout your space

- Can be sprayed onto dried flower arrangements or carpet/mats 
- Keep spray at least 30-40cm away from all furniture and hard surfaces

Room Spray Care

- Do not spray close to flames or flammable products 

- For longer lasting product store bottle away from direct sunlight in a cool place

Keep out of reach of children and animals
- Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid staining or stripping of finishes
- Avoid contact with eyes and skin
- Do not ingest fragrance


Glass bottle with fine mist spray top

100ml containting essential oils and room base blend

Scent life approximately 3-6 months 

Handmade with love in Sydney

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